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October SPOTLIGHT on Makahiki

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

While the month of October is coming to an end, it also signals the beginning of the Hawaiian New Year - Makahiki. This time of peace, relaxation, begins in October/November and ends around January/February.

In ancient Hawaiian culture, warfare was prohibited during this time and Hawaiians engaged in games and festivities, while also rejuvenating and resting - something we can all use more of during the present day holiday season!

Some of the games and activities included:

  • Konane – Form of Hawaiian Checkers

  • Ulu Maika – Hawaiian Lawn Bowling

  • Moa Pahe’e – Dart Sliding

  • Uma – Arm Wrestling Laying Down/Variations of Hawaiian Wrestling Opponents

  • Lono Maka Ihe/‘O ‘O Ihe – Spear Throwing

  • Hukihuki – Hawaiian Tug of War

Makahiki is also a time to honor the God Lono - the Hawaiian God associated with fertility, agriculture, rainfall, music and peace.

As we head into the hectic holiday season, let's take inspiration from the past and remember to take time to relax and enjoy leisure time with family and friends. That is what the holiday season is truly about!