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June "Tips From Tats"

Each month we will bring you a helpful industry tip from one of our partners, Tatiana. Here is this month's tip, we hope you find it useful!

These days smart phones are more of a necessity than a luxury item. A user-friendly smart phone app can be used to efficiently and conveniently share event details, announcements, and onsite changes. A newsfeed also allows attendees to share their experiences via posts. Many market options exist, one we have used is Bonfyre App.

Our team, our client, and their attendees recently found this app to be very useful onsite. During the program, they added notifications to the group such as additional shuttles. It allowed our staff to spread the word to attendees quicker by adding it to the schedule and sending out an announcement.

Learn more about this tool on their website: https://bonfyreapp.com/