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July SPOTLIGHT on Amenities

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Each month we will shine a light on some of the elements that are involved in making an unforgettable destination experience for guests of Hawai’i. This month we bring you a spotlight on amenities!

Whether it be a teaser (prior to the program), a “Welcome to Hawai’i", a turndown or pillow gift, or a final night gesture, the perfect amenity can provide attendees with a lifetime of unforgettable memories. We are lucky to work with the best companies in the business, and we’d like to share a little bit about some of them, and highlight a few of their favorite items.

Maui Jim Corporate Gifts

Maui Jim Corporate Gifts

Maui Jim Corporate Gift’s main mission is to make the gifting process easy for the planner and memorable for the guest. With over 10,000 executed events under their belt, Maui Jim has learned a lot, and the guests and planners are the ones that benefit from that experience. They pioneered the onsite sunglass experiential gifting concept over 18 years ago, and in that time, they have streamlined the process and continually evolve with new styles, service offerings, and technology. International destinations are not an issue for Maui Jim; they have distribution centers in 16 countries, which saves on your shipping costs. Their scalability allows them to provide an individual experience for groups with as few as 25 people, to create that everlasting memory that will remind your guest of where they got those sunglasses as they wear them throughout the year.

Visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Island Gifts

Raku Fired Pineapple

Our newest creation, this Raku Fired Pineapple memento is the ultimate symbol of Island Hospitality. Handcrafted by one of the Island’s Finest Artisans, it is truly destined to be a collector’s item for those special enough to deserve it.

Island Gifts provides Hawaiian Gifts, Amenities, Promotional Items and Interactive Experiences for Meetings, Conventions, and Incentives. Learn more on their website and like them on Facebook.

Makana Corporate Rewards

Local photographer Abe Kowitz Design

Local photographer, Abe Kowitz prints beautifully nostalgic landscapes of the Hawaiian islands on Koa, Monkeypod and Mango wood harvested through sustainable practices, either through hazardous tree removal or as part of a thinning process to allow healthier trees more room to grow. Each hand selected piece of wood is carefully aligned with a specifically chosen image to highlight the unique grain of the wood as well as the composition of the image for a perfect pairing to remind you of your time in Hawai’i.

Makana Corporate Rewards’ mission is to provide top performing associates with unique Hawai’i makana that are memorable and convey appreciation. They support local entrepreneurs as they develop communities and connect people to Hawai’i through makana. Visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Precious Hawai'i

Exclusive Carryall Tote - Whale’s Tail Collection

One of our most popular items is this Exclusive Carryall Tote from our Whale’s Tail Collection. This bag features our beautifully designed Whale’s Tail print. This chic, roomy bag measures 17" by 13.5" by 6.5" and sports two deep external side pockets perfect for a water bottle, sunscreen, yoga mat and more. The bag features a magnetic privacy clasp and a voluminous inner zippered compartment, as well as comfy cotton handles. The Carryall is made with 100% cotton canvas and features a biodegradable water-resistant lining. A matching suntan lotion carrier is available as well to hold all the essentials for the beach or pool. This bag measures 9 inches long, 6 inches high and has a zippered top.

Precious Hawai'i is a locally women owned and operated company dedicated to offering a wide range of island keepsakes. They take pride in the merchandise they market, putting careful thought and attention in finding the most exceptional products that best represent beloved, Hawai'i. Learn more on their website.

Gift Sets Hawai'i

Repurposed Hawai'i Burlap Coffee Shoulder Tote

Our reversible Repurposed Hawai'i Burlap Coffee Shoulder Totes are handmade in Hawai’i with repurposed Coffee Burlap Bags that were once used to collect Hawaiian grown specialty coffee. Each finished Burlap Tote is a little different being handmade with possible minor repairs to create a very durable unique Tote. All Burlap Totes have a Hawai'i Coffee Estate Logo displayed on the front. Each Burlap Tote is reversible with many Hawaiian print options (for interior/exterior). There are a variety of models including shoulder strap, 2 handles, backpack, black strap, interior and exterior pockets, drawstring closure and many more options. Beautiful custom options are available to suit any client’s specifications.

Gift Sets Hawai'i is a locally owned company that operates on all of the Hawaiian Islands. They specialize in Hawaiian gift sets and amenities that portray the island feeling featuring local artisan creations. Give them a call at (808-551-2306) to learn more.

Mahalo to Maui Jim Corporate Gifts, Island Gifts, Makana Corporate Rewards, Precious Hawai'i and Gift Sets Hawai'i for contributing to this month's spotlight series!

Come back and see us in August for a SPOTLIGHT on Chefs!