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August "Tips From Tats" - Guest Post!

This month's tips comes from our Island Style Innovations ohana Kanani, who attended a Hawai'i Visitors and Convention Bureau Cyber Hawai'i event titled "Ransomware & Business Email Compromise."

The event was held at the beautiful Halekūlani Hotel in Honolulu, where members enjoyed a luncheon followed by a panel discussion covering topics like emails, surfing the web, protecting your passwords and servers, and much more.

The panel speakers were:

Will Bales – Supervisory Special Agent Cyber Squad, Honolulu FBI Office

Ryan Fields – Sr Vice President & Director of Information Security with American Savings Bank

Mike Krupka – Hawai‘i Project & Operations Manager with Occamsec

Here are some of the tips they shared to help protect your valuable information both as a business and an individual:

DO NOT open emails, links, or attachments from un recognizable email addresses or phone numbers.

DO change your password on a regular basis.

DO NOT share your password.

DO back up your data/information regularly.

DO NOT install or connect any personal software to your organization's network without permission.

DO report all suspicious or unusual problems with your computer to your organization's IT person or supervisor.

DO have clear policies and procedures for employee use of your organization's information technologies.

DO implement firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and internet content filtering.

DO update your anti-virus software and security "patches" regularly.

"Get involved - and join the movement to build a cyber safe and resilient Hawai'i."